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We are both acclaimed, awarded chefs and pastry chefs in Sweden. We have published cookbooks and cooked food on TV. We have years of experience of the Italian countryside. We have produced both olive oil and wine in Tuscany. During the past 30 years we have spent a lot of time in amazing restaurants, in their kitchens and uncovered the secrets behind the best pasta and risotto. Carina is one of the country’s best pastry chef. We have practiced with the best chefs of Italy and learnt the tricks of the grandmas at local restaurants.

Now we have taken the step! Read our history and become part of our future!

Foto Peter Nordin
Foto Joacim Lundgren
Foto Peter Nordin
Foto Peter Nordin


A small brief  resumé

  • 1980 - 1982  Working for TUI in Heraklion, Crete . Hotel Agapi Beach,
    5 star Hotel.

  • 1982 - 1983 Employed Operakällaren, Stockholm Sweden, One Star Michelin.

  • 1983 - 1983  Education @ Restaurant Gourmet, Stockholm Sweden. One Star Michelin.

  • 1983 - 1985  Open Restaurant Black Horse Inn, a gastropub. Working with my grandmother. She teaches me the Swedish culinary heritage of cooking.

  • 1984 - 1985  Carina educated at culinary school of Stockholm

  • 1986 - 2016  Carina and Peter manage the Restaurant Prinsen as owners. Carina as pastry chef Peter as head chef.

  • 1986 - 2016  Restaurant Prinsen (the Prince) is one of the most prestigious gastronomic destinations in Sweden, during our time.

  • 1992Aftonbladet (Sweden's largest newspaper) appoints Prinsen restaurant of the year.

  • 1994 -   Aftonbladet (Sweden's largest newspaper) appoints Prinsen restaurant of the year.

  • 1995 -  Participates in performances Joel Robuchon Stockholm.

  • 1995 -  The newspaper ”City News” appoints Prinsen the ”classic” of the year.

  • 1996 -   Education pastry chef Philippe Guignard (Carina).

  • 1997 -  Bon Apetit (food magazine) appoints Prinsen cultural restaurant of the year.

  • 1997 -  Publishes our own cookbook (Cookbook of there year in the magazine ”Allt om Mat”.

  • 1998 -  Cooking education Paul Bocuse Lyon. 3 stars, the Michelin Guide.

  • 1998 -  Barista Master, Restaurant Academy.

  • 1999 -  Jan Hedh. One of the best pastry chefs in the world, mentor for Carina Nordin.

  • 1999 -  Course Haberlain, Alsace, 3 stars, the Michelin Guide.

  • 1999 -  Participates in several cookbook projects and releases.

  • 2000 - 2005  Produces our own wine in Tuscany, Italy.

  • 2000 -  Course Enoteca Pinciorri Florence, 3 stars, the Michelin Guide.

  • 2000 -  Undergoes sommelier training of Italian wines in Rome.

  • 2001 -  Personal thanks letters from Lauren Bacall, Hollywood as her favourite restaurant.

  • 2001 -  Produce our own olive oil in Tuscany, Italy.

"We make the simplest of dishes, to focus on the flavour. We keep to this principle throughout the cooking and finishing touches. The spinach in the picture is a fascination of ours. We have travelled and developed our techniques to learn how to squeeze as much flavour as possible out of the this vegetable. If one is successful, it is worth a trip around the world. We received invaluable wisdom from world top chefs, all of which we put into this small plate of spinach. You can find our unique recipe in our new book, coming out soon".

"This chocolate cake symbolises our expertise and aspirations. No one else has tried as many recipes or travelled so far to try a piece of chocolate, as we have. This is Mrs. Nordin’s signature cake. Structure, sweetness, bitterness, softness, flavour and fullness all must fall into harmony. This will make the experience special. Simple - yet so complex".

A small brief  resumé

  • 2006 -  Bib Gourmand for Prinsen in Michelin Guide.

  • 2006 -  Education of Jaques Chibois, Grasse, Provence France 2 stars, the Michelin Guide.

  • 2006 -  ”Bengt Wedholms” Gastronomic Award.

  • 2007 -  Bib Gourmand for Prinsen in Michelin Guide.

  • 2007 -  Gastronomic prize "La Dance", Sandahl Foundation.

  • 2007 -  Bengt Wedholm's Gastronomic Award.

  • 1992 - 2009  Conducted twenty gastronomic guest appearances from Swedish chefs elite.

  • 2008 -  Starts Restaurant Zink Grill, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2009 -  Zink Grill appoints restaurant year in the newspaper ”Dagens Industri”.

  • 2008 - 2010 -  Top marks in all Swedish newspaper.

  • 2008 -  Nominated for this year's tavern in the newspaper City.

  • 2009 -  In the Michelin Guide.

  • 2009 -  Nominated for thwe restaurant of the year's in the newspaper City New.

  • 2012 - Taking over Italian restaurant
    ”il Tempo” in Stockholm.

  • 2012 - iL Tempo awarded by the Italian government. "Marchio Ospitalità Italiana”.

  • 2012 - iL Tempo gets high scores in the Swedish media.

  • 2013 - iL Tempo awarded by the Italian government. "Marchio Ospitalità Italiana”.

  • 2013 - 2016  Starts ”PDF Brasserie Group” with Filip och Daniel. During this year we we become one of the largest restaurant companies in the Sweden.

  • 2013 -  Zink Grill appointed, meat restaurant of the year, No. 7.

  • 2013 - 2016  Peters and Carina Nordin is gastronomic "directors" of PDF Brasserie Group.

  • 2013 - 2016  Peters is art director of PDF Brasserie Group.

  • 2014 -  Zink Grill appointed, meat restaurant of the year, No. 10.

  • 2016 -  Peter participate in the TV - show ”Chefs Fight”. One of the largest TV production in Sweden.

  • 2016 -  We sell all our engagement in the ”PDF Brasserie Group”, that consists 14 of Stockholm's leading restaurants and we start a new type of life.

  • 2016 -  We buy a small Relais, hotel in central of Italy - Relais Montegiorgio.

  • 2017 -  Writing a cookbook over our years in the kitchen.

  • 2018 -  We open our new hotel with selected dinners.

Fotograf Peter Nordin
Foto Peter Nordin
Foto Peter Nordin
Foto Peter Nordin
Foto Peter Nordin
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